Who are we?

We are Finitro International B.V., the independent supplier of Finitro Forte Plus, a nutritional supplement especially developed for people with joint problems. Finitro arose from the need to provide these people with a natural product that does effectively contribute to a solution for their symptoms. Quality and effectiveness are key.

Finitro Forte Plus is made from high quality raw materials, which are an important natural contribution to your health. For the development of our product we work together with one of the leading laboratories in Europe. We strive to offer a high quality nutritional supplement which gives the best possible result. A team of pharmaceutical specialists therefore keeps a close eye on new developments. If necessary the formula can be adapted to recent discoveries, so that our product always offers the best results possible.

Our company consists of a team of enthusiastic and skilled employees, who can advise our customers in a professional way. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us.